Starr National Register Historic District

The Starr National Register Historic District comprises an area of the near north side of Richmond, bounded on the south by North A Street, on the north by North E Street, on the west by North 10th Street, and on the east North 16th Street. This area contains 120 structures of historic significance. the focal point of the district is the Hicksite Meetinghouse (now the Wayne County Historical Museum). It is one of five National Register of Historic Places Districts in Richmond

The district is an early Victorian neighborhood, perhaps one of the finest examples remaining in the Midwest. It was an elite residential area of large townhouses and mansions. The dominant style of buildings are; Italianate, Second Empire, Greek Revival, and Queen Anne.

The neigborhood was developed by Charles and Elizabeth Starr who purchased the land from Jeremiah Cox. The Starr's move to Richmond in 1825 after Charles had worked in the export business. The Starr's also developed the area around North E Street and Fort Wayne Avenue. The Starr family influenced Richmond's early development and later owned Starr Piano, which was a world-leading manufacturer of pianos, phonographs, and records.

The district is an excellent example of the life and times of that period. Nearly half the residents of the district were leaders in Indiana business, and industry in the 19th Century. It is a symbol of that era and of the people who organized, operated, and dominated Indiana economic life prior to 1900.

The district was never a commercial neighborhood, only a few buildings in the neighborhood were used commercially. It has always been a residential neighborhood and should be maintained as Richmond's "Gas Light District." the 1969-70 study made by City Planning Associates, Inc. indicates that his district is historically important to the nation. A definite system of rehabilitation and restoration should be planned to rescue this neighborhood from decline.



National Register of Historic Places

Richmond has six historic districts listed on the National Register of Historic Places: Old Richmond, Starr, Pennsylvania Depot, East Main Street, Reeveston, and Historic Downtown.

The community is recognized as having a significant collection of historic architecture. ,